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Non- Eligible Properties


  • Multi-Rate Vacation Rental Listings on VRBO
    If a property on VRBO has multiple rate schemes on a single paid listing, the listing is considered ineligible for iTravex, and flagged as such.  This "multi-rate" indicates that the listing represents more than a single property, and the iTravex system cannot support such listings.

    These types of listings must be broken down into individual listings on their
    originating vacation rental site before they can be displayed in iTravex.  You will need to contact VRBO through their Request for Assistance Form to ask them to turn off the "MultiUnitRateā€ indicator on the listing.

  • "One Shot" or Time Share Vacation Rental Listings
    Time share and listings that are only available for a limited time each year are not eligible for iTravex. 

  • Originating Vacation Rental Site Has Control
    At their sole discretion without notice, the originating vacation rental site may flag a property ineligible for iTravex.  The reason might include abuse, guest complaints, fraud, inaccurate information, etc. 

If your property is not active on iTravex, please check with your vacation rental site to find out why.  iTravex cannot control or alter the way the sites provide listings. 

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