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Understanding iTravex Points

1. What is a point?
Points are the "iTravex Currency" used to pay for an iTravex reservation made between a guest and host.


When an iTravex reservation is made between members, points are exchanged....NOT cash rent.

This eliminated the hassle of arranging "same date" travel times between members, as there is no direct trading or swapping of vacation homes. The points are used by members when they arrange their "stay" in one of thousand of iTravex vacation homes. iTravex guests get to travel where and when they want.


It doesn't matter what you call them - Points, Credits, iTravex Dollars, Chips, Funny Money.....they convert your vacation home's vacant nights into funds for you to spend on your personal travel accommodations.

2. What is a point worth?
iTravex points have a "worth" when you use them to travel to other member's vacation homes. 
They then allow you to stay for about 10% of the normal rate. One point is equivalent to one US dollar.

3. How many points do I need to stay in a property?
The amount of points that a guest will need for their stay, is based on the vacation home's normal rent for the inquiry time frame.

For example, if you are staying for 10 nights and the normal cost for each night is $100.00, the regular rate would be $1000.00 for the ten days.  Because 1 US dollar equals 1 iTravex point, that translates to 1000 points needed for the 10 night stay.

The rental rate is shown on each property page.

4. How do I earn or get points in my account?
You earn points when you host another member in your vacation home.

To earn points quickly, create a lot of "Ready! Offers".  Because these are essentially "pre-packaged offers" where a guest can see the dates and points amount, they are offers that can be converted into reservations quickly. The more "Ready! Offers" you create, the more points you can accumulate quickly.

If you have not "earned" points yet but you wish to travel as a guest, you may "purchase points". 

5. How do I spend or purchase points?
You "spend" the points you have already earned by hosting, when you travel to another vacation home registered in iTravex. You can travel "when and where" you like; the points stay in your account until you are ready.

As a guest, if you have no earned points (or just a few) and wish to travel, you can purchase the points required to complete a reservation.

This is done at the time that you are about to complete your reservation with the host.

There are (3) levels of membership that directly affect your cost of purchase points."Sign In" to your account to review your level!


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