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What is a "Ready! Offer"?

"Ready! Offers" are a vacancy utilization tool for iTravex members. It allows property owners to add their known vacancy dates along with the number of points they require for each night.

* Adding a Ready Offer does not allow a prospective guest to book it right away, they are required to submit an inquiry so that a discussion can begin *

After signing in to your iTravex account, there are two ways to add "Ready! Offers":

  1. Located just below the calendar, select the "Add "Ready! Offer" button to manually enter dates and points.
  2. For your convenience, the system scans the available dates on your property's calendar, and provides a "Suggested Ready! Offer" list. Simply add the number of points per night for one or all of the suggestions and click the "Add Ready! Offer" button.

Whether a "Ready! Offer" is created manually or you choose one from the "Suggested" list, from this page you can edit or delete an offer at any time.

"Ready! Offer" postings are featured on their own page, and are generally where most members, as guests, begin their search for a point based reservation.

Click the "binoculars" to "watch" a specific property, and be notified by an automated email when a new "Ready! Offer" is created.


Don't Waste Your Vacancies! ~ View hundreds of "Ready! Offers".

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