Help Manual for Visitors
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Having Trouble Logging On?

The "Sign In"  is located in the top right corner of a page, as a green button.

Requesting a Temporary Password
Members are provided a temporary password to use along with their primary email address that is on file with iTravex. If this doesn't work or if you forgot your password, you can reset your password by providing your primary email address associated with your originating rental site; either Owner Direct and/or VRBO , and by answering your password question. We will email a new temporary password to your primary email address stored in our database.

Temporary Password Not Received?

Due to increased filtering of email by both ISPs and companies, you may not receive your email. Always check your trash, deleted, or quarantined folders for this email. Ensure that all of your spam filters and junk mail settings are set to receive/accept emails from

Re-Set Your Temporary Password
Upon signing in with the temporary password you were sent, you will be asked to reset your password to something other than the temporary password that was sent to you. Please review the requirements in order to create a valid personal iTravex password.

  • New password must be from 5-12 characters
  • Passwords may not contain spaces
  • Passwords must contain at least one letter and one number
  • Passwords are case sensitive
  • Do not include spaces or special characters
Primary Email Address
If your email address is not recognized by iTravex ensure that you are entering your primary email address that your vacation rental site ( or has on file. If you have entered it correctly and still are unable to Sign In, please submit a Request for Assistance through the Customer Service link.
Forgot Your Password
Request a new temporary password by clicking "Forgot your Password" link on the Log On page.
Case Sensitive
Ensure you are entering your password exact with upper and lower case.  Check for spaces before and after - sometimes when copying and pasting your password this may occur.

More Tips

  • Check to ensure that your PCs "caps lock" is not on
  • Uncheck the "Remember my username" box and manually re-enter.
  • Do not copy and paste.

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