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Who and How To Pay for An iTravex Stay

Hosts do not incur any charges; only the guest does. The guest pays the iTravex fee when they decide to accept an "Open Reservation Offer" made by a prospective host.
To ensure hosts do not have any out of pocket expenses, hosts may request their prospective guests to cover the following: Cleaning and Other Fees.

iTravex Fees - Covered by Guest

  • 10% iTravex Fee
  • Purchase Point Fee: If a guest has not had the opportunity to host (to have earned points) or need extra points to make up the difference for a reservation, they can purchase an unlimited number of points.

    (Cost of purchase points vary for each member according to their Membership Level, and is displayed after signing in to their account.)

The Amount of Points that a Host Will Receive
In both examples, the host requests 100 points per/night (converted from their normal rent of $100.00 per/night)

Example #1:  Cost breakdown when the guest must purchase all their points at .20 cents each for a (7) night stay:

10% iTravex Fee of 700 (100 x 7) = $70.00

700 Purchase Points at .20 cents each = $140.00

Total payable to iTravex is $190.00. This means that the guest's accommodations cost is only $190.00....rather than $700.00 as a guest outside of the program.


Example #2: The guest has hosted a stay, and has enough earned points:

10% iTravex fee of 700 (100 x7) = $70.00

(No Purchase Points required)

Total payable to iTravex for a 7 night stay...$70.00 rather than $700! That's a 90% savings!


When a guest accepts an open reservation offer, their earned and/or purchased points will immediately be transferred to their host.
iTravex accepts VISA and Mastercard only.

*Canadian residents are currently charged applicable tax*


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