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Inquiry Status and Process Steps To Create Reservation
Inquiry Details
The Inquiry Details are shown at the top of each Inquiry, so that both the host and guest can view the next step required in the process of creating a reservation. Example:
Inquiry Details
Steps for Completing a Reservation
<> 1. Guest created this inquiry and is waiting for the host to reply.
Next >> 2. Host to start dialog and/or enter rental value for inquiry
3. Host to create the reservation offer
4. Guest to accept offer and pay reservation fee to iTravex

5. Reservation to be confirmed and points transferred from guest to host

The Inquiry
Step 1 is the guest searching for a vacation homes of their choice. The amount of points that a reservation will cost them is determined by the regular rental rate for the time period.  The "rental rate range" is posted at the bottom of every property page, just above where the guest fills in their Inquiry details.
Throughout the Inquiry process, either the guest or host can click the "Modify Inquiry" button to make changes.

The Host Creates the Reservation Offer
Step 2 is the host starting a "dialog" by communicating with the guest through the "dialog box" area; and/or by entering the rental value for the total length of the inquiry time (the "stay"). The host decides how much the rental value would be for the guest's visit, and then converts that directly to points (e.g. if the regular rental rate would be 1,000 US dollars for a week stay, then it costs the guest 1,000 points for that stay).
Step 3:  The host then creates the "Reservation Offer", which is sent to the guest from the host's iTravex account.

Reservation Offer - Open Status
When the host has created the Reservation Offer, it will remain in a Open status until it is either accepted or declined by the guest, or it passes the date of arrival.
If the Open Reservation Offer has expired or is incorrect, the guest will need to click "Decline Reservation Offer" and then click "Modify Inquiry Details". Once the details have been adjusted, the host will need to again click "Create Reservation Offer" in order to allow the guest to click "Accept".
Reservation Offer - Confirmed... Payment Made for Reservation
Step 4 and 5: The final steps are taken by the guest when they accept the host's Open Reservation Offer and pay for the reservation. The acceptance triggers the irrevocable transaction processed by iTravex. 
The guest receives an automated notification of an Open Reservation Offer, containing a secured quick link.
The guest clicks on the quick link, chooses the "Accept Reservation" button and then is brought to a secured online form to fill in all their information to pay with either their Visa or MC.
After they submit the form, they receive a receipt of payment to their primary email address.
The Guest Reservation Fee is paid to iTravex and the points are transferred to the host's account immediately.
Upon payment the reservation becomes confirmed.  
The acceptance triggers the irrevocable transaction processed by iTravex.
Once a Reservation Offer has been accepted by a guest, it is not possible to amend it.

Reservation - Declined
When a guest declines the Reservation Offer, the inquiry becomes a Declined Reservation. The host is notified via the Inquiry Dialog of any declines made by the guest.

Reservation - Expired
A reservation expires when the guest does not complete the reservation by the date set by the host when creating the Reservation Offer.

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