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Search, Submit Inquiries & Reserve

*Please note, there is NO direct trading or swapping required when using iTravex. Hosts earn points to use at their convenience to choose from thousands of properties listed worldwide, allowing them to travel whenever and to wherever they wish!

Search for Property by ID Number
If you know the VRBO or Owner Direct property ID number, use this format: ODVR1234 or VRBO1234 in the Destination field. To search for an iTravex property, enter just the number.

Available Filters:  
- "Ready! Offers" only... "Ready! Offers" and "Likely Nights"... or "All"
- Selected Dates

View a Property's Full Details  
Click on: thumbnail picture, "title", iTravex ID number or the "Ready" or "Inquire" buttons.

Send Multiple Inquiries
Select either (Request Flexible Dates) or (Request Fixed Dates).

You may submit more than one inquiry for the same property, as long as the dates do not overlap.

Send 10 to 30 inquiries to increase your chances of obtaining a variety of "Open Reservation Offers". "Ready! Offers" have the highest probability of completion.

Hosts Notified of New Inquiry
The prospective hosts are automatically notified of the inquiry details.

As a host, it is important that you do to NOT reply to the automated email, as it will never reach your prospective guest.

A host may access the Inquiry through the secured "quick link" provided in the automated email, or by logging on to their account. In the "green banner" below the photos on each web page, you will see "Active Inquiries & Reservations", which is linked to the summary page where you can view the information you need about your Inquiries.

If a host has multiple inquiries and would like to respond to them all, they should "Sign In" to iTravex and view each inquiry from either their alert at the top or by hovering over the "Quick Links" to choose "Reply To Active Guest Inquiries".

Expired Reservation Offer  
A host can re-create any reservation offer that has expired, as long as the dates are not past due. If the dates are past due, the guest will need to resubmit a new Inquiry. The host will simply need to click the "Yes I would like to host for points" bar again.

Dialog is Used to Reach an Agreement
After the guest sends their initial inquiry, the host and guest are encouraged to quickly correspond via the "Dialog Box" to reach an agreement on the details of the reservation. Host may consider phoning guest, to accelerate the process. The guest's contact information will be on the Guest Inquiry page. Remember; it is the host's job to set the "rent" rate for the stay. The host will receive iTravex points as rent, not "cash".

Once agreement has been reached between the host and guest, the host creates a Reservation Offer.

Guest Completes Reservation
The guest accepts the Reservation Offer by paying the Reservation Fee on-line.  The points are immediately transferred from the guest account to the host account.


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