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Waiting for an Inquiry Response

Host Reliability
In a perfect world, all hosts would quickly receive their email notification and respond.  Unfortunately, some messages are trapped by spam filters and some hosts are either not available or unreliable. 

For this reason, i
t is recommended that you send out 10 to 30 inquiries.  Some guests submit a higher number of inquiries, especially when their desired destination is at its most popular period.

An Inquiry Timeline - After Host is Notified of a Guest's Interest

  • 48 hours: Prospective host is sent a second reminder email notification.
  • 72 hours: Guest receives a summary report for those hosts who have not responded.

Receiving an Offer - Understanding the Factors
Some guests complete a reservation with 1 inquiry; others have no offers from 20 inquiries. 
There is quite a variance in success depending on the destination and time period. Making inquiries for the off peak and last minute periods usually result in a high degree of success.  Also, selecting a broader range of destinations will increase the number of offers you receive.

For example, if you want to travel to Disney World and you search for Kissimmee, FL only, you will have far less choice than if you also search nearby areas such as Orlando, Davenport, Clermont, etc.

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