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Selling Your Vacation Home?

Legal Responsiblities
You are legally responsible for all future reservations (iTravex and other) for your vacation home property, regardless of whether you are selling or have sold your vacation home. 

Caution! - Minimize Your Legal Responsibilities
Because you don't know how the buyer of your vacation home is going to respond to existing rentals, we recommend that you notify your originating vacation rental site ASAP (i.e. ask or to disable your property.

At the same time, "hide" your listing on iTravex from your "My Properties" tab.  Select the link "hide listing" for a specific property.   You can always select "show listing" at anytime in the future, should your selling intentions change.

Notify Your Originating Rental Site Immediately
If your vacation home has been sold, please notify your originating vacation rental site(s) ASAP:

iTravex will be notified by the originating vacation rental site to de-activate your iTravex listing.  Your iTravex account will be left active only if you have a positive earned points balance; otherwise it will be disabled.

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