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Modify, Reactivate, Cancel or Correct an Inquiry or Reservation

The Host or Guest Can Modify an Inquiry
If the status is showing as an "Inquiry", either the host or guest may click the "Modify Inquiry" button to make the necessary changes.

If an inquiry has been cancelled and the dates are still in the future, either the guest or the host has the ability to click "modify".

The Host or Guest Can Cancel an Inquiry
If either the host or guest wishes to cancel one or multiple inquiries, they Log On to select their tab (either "Guest" or "Host") and select the link "My Inquiries and Reservations".  (Or,  In the "green banner" below the photos on each webpage, you will see "Active Inquiries & Reservations", which is linked to the summary page where you can view the information you need about your Inquiries.) From there, they have the option of cancelling just one inquiry, or placing a check mark at the top of the "Cancel" column to select all.

Alternately, when the host receives a new inquiry and they select the "No" button, this method will also prompt them to enter the remarks and reason that is sent with their cancellation.

After a cancellation is sent, the opposite party will receive an automated email including the remarks and reason for the cancellation.

Informing the Other Hosts
Once a guest has completed a reservation, they should inform all other hosts that they had sent an inquiry to, that they have booked their reservation with another host and no longer need a response to their inquiries.

Reactivating an Inquiry
If a guest revisits a "past date" inquiry, they are prompted with the following message at the top of the inquiry:
Please note that this inquiry is past-date. If you are still interested in staying at this property, please click here to display the property and initiate a new inquiry".

Confirmed Reservation
If you find there is an error with a confirmed reservation (such as an incorrect point amount, dates, etc.), please contact Customer Service through the "Request for Assistance" link below.




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