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Open & Confirmed Reservations

There are two status types for iTravex Reservations: "Open Reservation" and "Confirmed Reservation".

Once an "Open Reservation Offer" is created by the host, the host is the only member that may edit the details. These details may be the check in/out dates, points, occupancy, etc.

To modify any of these details, the host will need to access the "Open Reservation Offer", either by signing in to their account by going to their "Quick Links", or by using their secured link provided in their email notice, to then click the "Modify Open Reservation" button.

As soon as the host modifies the Open Reservation Offer, the guest is notified immediately via an email.
The guest will then select "Accept  Reservation Offer" and the payment option will be made visible. As soon as payment is made, the iTravex points are immediately transferred to the host's account.

As long as the dates are not past due, a host can re-activate an expired reservation offer.  But if a reservation's check in/out dates are past due, the guest will need to create a new inquiry for that property.

Members Cannot Modify a "Confirmed Reservation"
Once an iTravex reservation is completed and the status shows "Confirmed Reservation",  members are unable to modify or make additional changes to the reservation.

In the case of a modification being necessary, there are two options:

1) Submit a new inquiry for the same property for the additional nights, before or after the already confirmed dates.

Eg: Confirmed Reservation is set for Apr. 25 for 7 nights. Guest and host agree to two additional nights arriving Apr. 23. The guest will need to submit a new inquiry for the same property for two nights arriving Apr. 23. The host will then set points and create a new open reservation offer for the guest to accept.

2) If the existing "confirmed reservation" requires modification (such as the point amount changed, dates need to be shortened, occupancy, etc.), send a Request for Assistance and include:

  • Reservation ID #
  • Host/Guest's name
  • Dates and/or points to be changed

An iTravex Support Specialist will need to confirm with both parties before applying any changes to a confirmed reservation.





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