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Bylaw or Vacation Home Association Restrictions on Vacation Properties

Some jurisdictions or vacation home associations stipulate minimum lengths of stays (e.g. weekly, monthly) for vacation rentals. 

Clarification on iTravex Listing
The host should clearly indicate these types of rental restrictions that apply to the property.  Publishing the restrictions can either be done on the referring site or on the iTravex "property details" page for each specific property it applies to.

To do this, "log on" to the iTravex account; from the "My Properties" tab choose the "Headline/Title" link under the "Property Details" column. Enter your property's restrictions into the comment area and click "submit". 

Any changes or added information on this page will not be synchronized back to your referring website such as VRBO and/or Owner Direct.

Management  Consideration
If the guest cannot stay the minimum required nights, it can be acceptable to the host and their association as long as the rental contract is for the minimum required nights. 

In such a case, the guest actually stays fewer nights than negotiated, leaving the property vacant for the remainder of their reserved stay.

Bylaws which require a 30 day minimum stay, often do not pertain to iTravex, as there is no cash exchanged since points are received instead.


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