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Viewing & Responding To Inquiries and Reservations

Two Options to View Inquiries:

1) From the "Quick Links", select the applicable link under either the Host or Guest sections. 

2) Responding to Inquiries as a Host - Automated Email Notification

When a host or guest receives an automated email notification of an inquiry, the body of the email will contain a secured link to access the details. If a host has multiple inquiries and would like to respond to them all, they should "Sign In" to iTravex and view each inquiry via the link located in the Host section (under "Quick Links") to view the summary page.

3) Alerts - If you have any unanswered inquiries, after signing on to your account you will see a message advising you of one or more inquiries and how to "reply now" to clear them.

Knowing How Many Points to Charge the Guest Should for their Stay
The host calculates the "regular rent" which they would be normally be charging the guest for their stay, and then converts that number directly into iTravex points.

One US dollar = One iTravex point
For example, if the host would normally charge the guest $1,000.00 for their length of stay......then the host may charge the guest 1,000 iTravex points.

The rent/point amount is negotiable; the host may wants to charge more points for the stay, or may give the guest a discount on the points amount. The host starts with an offer, and then they and the guest can discuss the amount.

Cancelling Inquiries as a Host
When a host receives an inquiry for dates that are not available, it is important that they let the guest know that they cannot accommodate them. This is done very simply, by choosing the "No" button provided within the automated email.

Cancelling Inquiries as a Guest
Soon after you confirm a reservation as a guest, please take the time to notify all other prospective hosts that you no longer require their property.  This is done by placing a check mark on each inquiry row to be cancelled and clicking "Cancel Selected Inquiries".

To cancel an entire selection of inquiries, place a check mark in the "Select" [ ] box of the top header row of the table of items. 

You will be prompted to enter a message prior to cancelling. If no message is entered, the default message will be "Member provided no reason for cancellation".



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