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Five Rate Groups - '$' to '$$$$$'

Plan Your Cost - 10% of the Negotiated Rent
We publish "dollar sign icons" on the property listing pages to make it easier for a guest to plan the cost of their holiday (i.e. the 10% reservation fee paid to iTravex).

Property Value Legend
The approximate range described below is based on the property's lowest nightly rate in $USD.

    • $             under 100
    • $$           100 and 150
    • $$$         151 and 200
    • $$$$        201 and 250
    • $$$$$      251 and over

Reservation Fee Range
Assuming you have earned points for a 10 day holiday, because the cost to you is 10% of the regular rent, your reservation fee for $ properties will be under $100; and by comparison for $$$$$ properties it will be about $250

In the above scenario, you can save about $150 by inquiring about the $ properties.

The Host Suggests the Point Value
It is the host's job to let the guest know how many points they wish to have for the total timeframe of the guest's stay. Hosts who participate with an iTravex reservation, get paid in "iTravex points" not "cash".

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