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Payment & Cost Example

The Payment Steps - When and How the Guest Pays
When a guest clicks the "Accept Reservation Offer" button, they are presented with the details of the inquiry, the cost, and a secured online credit card form to fill in.

After all areas are completed, the guest will place a checkmark to acknowledge the agreement and submit the form.
The host will be notified of the confirmed reservation and the guest will receive a receipt of payment to their primary email address.

Please note: iTravex accepts VISA and MASTERCARD only.

Below is an example where a host has created an "Open Reservation Offer" requesting 825 points; and the guest has 300 earned points (from hosting a guest themselves)  to use towards the stay.

The guest is a "High Participant" member and therefore their cost to purchase points is .15 cents each:

Reservation Points 825 Reservation Fee 10% 82.50 USD
Earned Points Available 300      
Purchase Points Required 525 Cost of Points .15 78.75 USD
    Taxes (*GST) 5% 8.06USD
    Total Cost   169.31 USD

*GST -  Goods and Services Tax is applied to Canadian residents only.

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