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Watch Tool
The "Watch" tool allows a guest who is searching for either a destination or a specific property to be notified when a "Ready!Offer" is created for dates they are interested in.

Two ways to use this feature:

1) For example, you would like to visit Paris, France. Select the "Click to Watch" button located at the top right of the Paris listing page. Enter the dates, then choose "Save this location to Watch".
An automated email is sent for all of the properties within that location. It explains to the recipient that a prospective guest is interested in the area where their property is and includes the dates. Should the owner of the property decide that they would like to host for those dates, they will be prompted to add a "Ready!Offer". Once a new "Ready!Offer'" is created, as the guest, you will receive an automated email including a link to the property that will allow you to review and proceed with submitting an inquiry.

2) Click the "Watch" binoculars on a specific property; only that owner will receive an automated email detailing the same information as in number 1 above.

To manage your list of "Watches", go to "Quick Links" under "As a Guest - Save Up to 90%"  and choose the link "My Ready!Offer Watches".

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