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Inquiry Dialog

Dialog System
The on-going communication between the guest and host is visible to both parties via the Dialog System. The guest and host can send communication freely between each other, and all entries are recorded chronologically in this dialog area. This makes it easier for both parties -  rather than sifting through emails and keeping track outside of the iTravex account.

Dialog messages are visible to iTravex employees and are monitored for quality assurance purposes. The internal 
dialog form is to be used for facilitating iTravex Exchanges only.

Unsolicited Commercial Email and Other Infractions
Use of the dialog forms to send unsolicited commercial e-mail (UCE) is strictly prohibited. Excessive, abusive or UCE messages will be discarded without notice and iTravex membership may be suspended for a limited time or cancelled.

iTravex will not tolerate and strictly prohibits member to member threats of physical harm via any method. This includes phone, email and  our internal dialog system.


iTravex will not edit dialog messages.  However, we will cancel any Inquiry/Reservation that contains any message(s) that, in our opinion, harasses or threatens any individual; is obscene, rude, illegal or otherwise objectionable; or violates our Terms of Use, which contain additional rules which govern your use of this Web site.

iTravex has the right to forward any findings of infractions, to a member's referring vacation rental site for their review, consideration and input.

Customer Support Specialists
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance with a difficult situation.

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