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Cancellation Policy

Non-Refundable Reservation
As soon as the guest agrees to complete a reservation, the points are distributed to the host, who can use them immediately. 

Remember that based on both parties acknowledged agreements for the iTravex stay, the guests have made arrangements to take their vacation and obviously have made all the other attendant arrangements that go with such a committment, such as flights, car rental, etc. Hosts can never leave these “confirmed” iTravex members without accommodation. From a hosts perspective, a guest cancelling for reasons such as wanting to accept an alternate 'open reservation offer' that may recently have become available, does not qualify for a refund and/or cancellation. The host may have turned down a cash paying guest and will be left with nothing, they may have submitted inquiries intending to use their points, etc.

We strongly encourage both parties to ask questions to be clear on optional fees before accepting and acknowledging their 'host' or 'guest' agreement.

Your Legal Committment
If a host cancels a confirmed iTravex reservation for reasons such as receiving a request for regular rental income, or bylaw rulings and changes that will or may result in possible legal action on behalf of your guest, suspension of your iTravex account and/or being reported to your referring vacation rental site (either and/or Owner Direct Vacation Rentals) for further review will occur.

It is realized that there can be legitimate situations, such as unexpected severe weather, natural or unforseen catastrophes, flooding, fires, etc. that are beyond the control of the host.  iTravex should be notified so we can address the situation carefully, on a case by case basis. 

Please click the Customer Service link to submit a Request for Assistance should you have concerns or further questions regarding this topic.

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