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Book Accommodations For Your Relatives or Friends
You Can Send a Friend or Relative on an iTravex Stay
Although you earn the iTravex points withcation home, you do not have to be the one who uses your iTravex points for a stay,
Inform the Host
Since a prospective host will assume that you are the person to be checking into their vacation home, you should clarify the situation in your message when submitting inquiries.  It is a good idea to provide all of the names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. of the guests.
You Are Responsible
You are responsible for supervising your friends and/or relatives and are responsible for all costs as a result of their actions.

Two options to choose from:

1) Submit inquiries on behalf of your family and/or friends for the destination, dates and number of occupants, or..
2) Add their email address to your account to allow them access to do their own inquiry submissions. (Please note, your name will appear since it is the primary account; the prospective host needs to be made aware that it is not you who will be staying in their property).

*iTravex is developing a feature that will allow members to create sub accounts for their family or/friends. In the near future, the primary account holder will be able to "transfer" points  to others.

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