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What and Who is iTravex?

What and Who is iTravex?

iTravex is a program created by two of the top vacation rental websites, and Owner Direct Vacation Rentals, offering their owners and property managers, an exclusive and unique opportunity to use their vacation rental homes by earning points or a combination of cash and points for otherwise vacant nights.

Interested in joining iTravex?

Vacation home owners who are actively listed with either of the two sites (see below) can participate in iTravex. If you are listed with one of the sites, we suggest registering with both vacation rental sites to maximize your regular cash bookings.

Vacancies Earn you Cash and Accommodation Saving iTravex Points

iTravex is a great way for its members to fill vacant nights by hosting fellow members for points or a combination of points and cash. iTravex is super useful for your property's off season or to fill last minute cancellations.

No Direct Trading or Swapping Required Between Members - a guest and host do not need to arrange for direct trading for one another 's property. Hosts earn cash or a combination of cash and points, which they can then use their earned points with any of the listings located worldwide when it is convenient for them. This provides the host the flexibility to book properties that suits their needs, location and taste.

Spend Your Points Anytime - Members are not required to use their points immediately. Rather, iTravex Points remain in their account for future travel to spend on themselves, family members or friends. Points even make great gifts for employees, business partners, property managers, etc.

Thousands of Properties Worldwide! - Start your search by entering your destination into the search bar or browse through hundreds of "Ready! Offers" created by fellow members who are anxious to utilize their vacancies.

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