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Cleaning and Optional Fees

Cleaning Fees
Most hosts expect the guest to cover the cost of cleaning the property.

Inquiry Dialog Transactions
The host should be clear about all fees to be paid by the guest such as:

  • cleaning
  • heat for a pool
  • use of private car
  • access to fitness club
  • linen services
  • utilities
  • private or personal Chefs and/or staff
  • resort or property manager percentages and/or flat rate fee
  • fuel for boat charters.....

Security and Damage Deposits

A host should follow the same procedures they do for a normal rental as it is their responsibility to protect their property. Fortunately, iTravex members are generally more respectful because they too are owners of vacation homes.


The Guest Pays the Host for Optional Fees

All fees are paid directly to the host, by the guest.


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