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Point Transaction History
Your 'point balance' is located beside your name and membership level after signing in to your account.

History of Your Point Transactions
Sign In to your account and hover over 'Quick Links,' to select 'Points History' under the "My Account" section

If you share the ownership of your vacation property, perhaps with family, a friend or a business partner, your 'Points History' table makes it easy for you to track the points usage.

Types of Transactions
  • Earned Points: Every member starts at zero and their Point Transaction History shows not only their current balance but also the historic transactions. Host earn points when they host other members as guests.

  • Purchase Points: Members are given the option to purchase unlimited points at the time of accepting and completing a reservation.

  • Reservations:  Confirmed as a guest or host.

  • Incentive or Promotional Points:  Awarded or expired.

  • Pre-purchased Block of Points:  Offered from time to time.

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